Sketch House Portrait - Landscape Orientation


How It Works

  • Send us your favorite house photo

    Upload a photo of the house you'd like turned into a portrait. Check out our Image Guidelines for help on deciding the best photo!

  • Add your personalization

    Customize your own title, add the address and any custom text, and even add framing to your product! Be sure to include any special editing requests for your portrait. See our FAQ on what can and cannot be edited.

  • Receive your proof

    Once we receive your order, our team of artists will get to work on your portrait! You will be emailed a proof within a couple of business days and from there you can request any revisions be made. After your approval your order is printed, checked for quality, and shipped out!


Artwork By Real Artists

LMT Creative's portraits are exclusively crafted by our talented digital artists, who use a highly detailed and technical design process. Without relying on filters or apps, each portrait is a unique masterpiece, illustrating the charm and character of the home. Our commitment to genuine artistry ensures that your portrait captures not only the physical attributes but also the emotional significance of your cherished abode, making it a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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How does framing work and what is a mat?

What is a digital file?

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